As a mother, it is my job to guide my tiny little person through the first years of life. It is my responsibility to make sure she is healthy, happy, and learning from the world around her. In doing this, I have my own dreams for her: I want her to live an adventurous lifestyle in which she sets challenging goals for herself and works hard to achieve them. I want her to see the beauty in the great outdoors and to value the importance of family and community. I want her to be brave, whether it’s when facing an obstacle or standing up for what she knows is right.

I realize that these hopes and dreams start with my husband and me, and the example we are setting. Through our actions and decisions, the pressure is on our shoulders to show her the way. It’s a difficult and daunting role, but it’s a role I would never change.
I am taking on the role of brave and fearless mother by leading by example through my hobbies and passions. One of those hobbies is trail running. I am new to ultra running, but I have fallen in love with it. My daughter has been by my side through training for two 50Ks and next she will be with me through the training for my first 50 miler. I cherish the moments I have pushing her in the jogging stroller. There is nothing sweeter than hearing her little voice babbling to me, and witnessing her take in the birds, trees, and rocks around her while we are running or hiking.

Both my husband and I hope she learns that sometimes hobbies involve commitment and planning, but the benefits you can reap are immense. It is my hope that my daughter learns the importance of finding a passion that grows her as a whole person – and I dream she makes it a constant part of her life. If she becomes a mother one day, I want her to love and nurture her family, but to also make herself a priority. She deserves to live a life doing the things she loves.

I want my daughter to grow up with a mother who challenges herself mentally and physically. I want her to realize the positive effects of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. I have challenged myself physically by signing up and training for races that I never imagined I could finish. Never in a million years did I think I could run to the peak of a 14,000-foot high mountain. Nor did I think my legs could run for 32 miles straight. As a result, my confidence has grown in a huge way.

I have motherhood to thank for a big part of this confidence. Motherhood has given me the courage to challenge myself. My body brought this tiny human into the world. Through the sleep deprivation and hormonal roller coaster of motherhood, I have nurtured her and watched her grow. I want to be a model of strength, dedication, and motivation for my daughter. I will continue to set challenging goals and push the boundaries that society and the little voice inside my head has set for myself. I know I can do hard things and I want my daughter to feel that she can do hard things, too.
Being brave is by no means easy. And bravery can mean different things for different people depending on personal struggles, fears, and anxieties. A daily struggle that I face is getting outside of my social comfort zone and meeting new people. I am adamant that this fear of mine is not a highlight of how my daughter remembers me through her childhood. Welcoming her into the world gave me the urgency and will to get outside of my little safe zone in order to build a support system for our family. Raising a child hundreds of miles away from family is no easy feat. Friends become family when you live far from home. I want to show my daughter how important it is to be a part of a community. Sharing your hopes, dreams, and passions with like-minded people has the power to inspire all in ways they can’t do alone. It is the people we are surrounded by who help us to either flourish or fail. No one does great things alone. I hope that my daughter can build her community no matter where she goes. I hope that she surrounds herself with supportive people who see her potential and challenge her to do great things. I hope she can do the same for others in return.
FullSizeRenderWhat I’ve realized is that my daughter is teaching me how to be brave along the way. There is an unparalleled sense of strength that comes along with motherhood. Rather than letting it pass me by, I am taking it and running with it. She has been the example that I need to see beauty in the mundane, to appreciate health and happiness, and to feel the need to be the best possible person that I can be. If I had the power to create this beautiful little being that I call my daughter, I have the power to do many other great things.

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Mama to a nearly two-year-old little girl. Brigid and her family moved from Colorado to Missouri and are waiting to see where the Army takes them next. She’s an aspiring ultra runner and a lover of all things outdoors. Brigid is a teacher turned stay at home mama attempting to make everyday an adventure.

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