July 12th, 2017 Girl on a Mission By: Amilia Brady
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Not all of us enter motherhood as women. Maybe you became a mom during your teen or college years. Maybe your career was unestablished, you had a boyfriend, your life still had a big question mark in front of it with endless possibilities ahead of you. Then within an instant that positive pregnancy test changed your world. While it seemed like everyone around you was moving forward, you found yourself struggling to survive.

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June 23rd, 2017 Infinite Amateur: Surfer Style By: Audrey Hills
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Surfing is Hard Surfing is hard.  Essentially, all committed surfers spend their entire lives dealing with freezing feet, overhyped swells, dawn patrols, damp wetsuits, wipeouts and hold downs and never ever surf like Kelly Slater or Bethany Hamilton.  They don’t even get close.  Yet, as a surfer, you spend every free moment you get bobbing up… Read more »

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June 16th, 2017 Adventuring Without the Kids By: Kristi Field
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You have my permission to adventure without the kids. That’s right, you heard me. Actually, you don’t just have my permission, I highly encourage it.  I’ll even help you plan and pack. Don’t have anyone to adventure with? Call me, I’ll go with you. As Moms, our minds are constantly consumed with the needs of… Read more »

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June 7th, 2017 Teaching my Daughter to be Brave By: Brigid Pickett
Adventuring After Baby, Being Mama, Inspiration, Rad ozarkfoothills

As a mother, it is my job to guide my tiny little person through the first years of life. It is my responsibility to make sure she is healthy, happy, and learning from the world around her. In doing this, I have my own dreams for her: I want her to live an adventurous lifestyle… Read more »

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June 6th, 2017 My Son with Special Needs: Bonding Through Adventure By: Ashley Baggerly
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The moment I hit the dirt I’m smiling. It’s exhilarating to have my feet on the trail that I have desperately wanted to hike since I was 12. The trail markers of the Pacific Crest Trail bring back floods of memories and dreams of the days of care-free, spontaneous adventure. My son shakes his hands… Read more »

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June 3rd, 2017 Adventure-Couple Turned Adventure-Parents By: Sarah Gorka
Adventuring After Baby, Being Mama, Post-Partum Support, Rad red rocks

Chances are, if you are an adventure mama, you were a pretty rad adventure woman before you added “mama” to your list of titles. If you were a lucky woman like me, you might have also shared this pre baby adventure-hard lifestyle with an equally zealous and bold partner. My husband and I bonded over… Read more »

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May 28th, 2017 To the Mama Who Got a Shitty Diagnosis By: Tess L
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To the mama who got a shitty diagnosis: Know that the diagnosis is the worst week. The tests. The waiting. Those words when you  find out it’s multiple sclerosis, or parkinsons, or, in my case, cancer. That first week when the life you had planned, the life you had carefully dreamed up, got torn away… Read more »

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May 25th, 2017 Adventure Like a Mother… By: Justine Nobbe
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We’ve noticed something, and perhaps you’ve noticed it too… Upon becoming a mother, people’s expectations and perceptions of your ability to go hard athletically in the mountains seems to shift. People don’t expect you to crush, send, or shred the gnar; they don’t expect you to show-up, let alone perform. And it’s weird, you don’t realize how dignifying it is for the world to expect great things from you… until they don’t anymore.

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May 8th, 2017 AMI Founder Chats: Shit’s Gettin’ Real By: Adventure Mamas
Rad, Things Are Happening stephsteen

These past 18 months have been a wild ride…wild AF. What started off as a way for two new mamas to connect with like-minded women, has turned into something so much bigger. And that has very little to do with us and everything to do with YOU. When we decided to build up a badass mama crew, we had no idea it was going to spread so fast.

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May 2nd, 2017 Expedition, fundraiser, and non-profit updates…oh my! By: Stephanie Feller
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We’ve got a mountain of updates to share…The first AMI expedition is officially in the works, our fundraiser launches May 8th, and our non-profit status is now pending with the IRS!

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