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Build Your Community

Photo credit: @sunnysidesup14

By design, we are a grassroots cause—we believe that we’re strongest when local women are empowered to step up within their own communities. You don’t need a fancy title to bring people together: you just need to be passionate about our cause. If you dig the AM mission and want to help spread the stoke, we invite you to use your unique talents, skills, and resources to help build local community. Here are some ideas:

1. Share Adventure Mamas with your personal network (online and real life!) and invite interested friends into your regional collab.

2. Stay active and involved in your regional collab.

Organize events: a hike, rock climbing session, pitch-in dinner, coffee social, wine and dream night, etc. Sometimes these events can take time to build momentum. Be patient and recognize that even one other person showing up is a success; it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Try hosting a meet and greet for the first event in your local area. This helps facilitate brainstorming and builds up excitement for your group.

Find ways to authentically engage with other group members, even if they’re not from your local area: like and comment on their posts with encouragement and support.

3. Bring back the village mentality! Support women in the midst of major transitions such as pregnancy, post-partum, a big move, etc. Gestures like dropping off dinner, inviting them out for coffee, offering to babysit, asking them how they’re feeling, and being a patient outlet can go a long way.

4. Become acquainted with what your local community has to offer. What events are happening, what resources are available, what recreation is nearby? Then, share those local happenings with the AM community.

5. Reach out to us directly to:

Be featured on “Find Your Tribe Friday”

Receive marketing materials to print and hang around your city. c. Brainstorm other ways to get involved.

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