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The Community Collective is a platform compiling writings from adventure mamas around the world who are also thought leaders, outdoor educators, athletes, artists, and more. You can find everything from how-to’s, to pro-tips, to inspiring, stories, and more.  It’s an amazing resource designed to inspire, educate, and engage—written by mamas, for mamas.  These writers are using their unique passions, experiences, and skills to produce informative and inspirational material for our shared audiences.

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Camp Stoves, Headlamps, Sleeping Bags, Oh My! Camp Stoves, Headlamps, Sleeping Bags, Oh My! Chantelle Quesnelle

While I adventure as much as I can, these activities are moderated by motherhood, relationships, finances, work, and our Canadian weather. I have several trips planned (some with the kids and some without) but they are always contingent upon support from my loved ones who pick up the slack when I am gone. Buying gear, looking at gear, playing with gear in my backyard (or inside our house) and not at the base of a mountain, helps me stay connected to a part of myself and my lifestyle that needs to look slighty different right now – more homely and less wildly.

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It’s Magic. It’s Magic. Chantelle Quesnelle

There is not much that compares to a perfect winter day. Days when the temp is warm enough that you don’t need big gloves or substantial layers. The wind is non-existent, allowing for the snow to drift slowly and peacefully down to the ground. The forest looks untouched despite the countless tracks underneath the latest layer of snow. It looks and feels magical.

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North Face Athletes and Partners Connect Kids with the Outdoors North Face Athletes and Partners Connect Kids with the Outdoors Annie Yearout

How many of you have ever gone hiking? Two of the eight kids raise their hands…I don’t know why I find that number surprising. I suppose it’s because I live and breathe the outdoors… But once I reach out of my comfort-bubble-zone, I remember the stark reality that most kids in the United States don’t have my kind of access to the outdoors… That’s why last week’s event… which brought together 60 students from Oakland to enjoy a day of outdoor games and exploring… is so vital and touching.

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Ten Tips for Camping with a Toddler Ten Tips for Camping with a Toddler Kate Bills

Call me crazy. Call me stupid. Or possibly call me adventurous. But as soon as Lottie was born I decided I’d like to provide her with a really outdoorsy lifestyle, and one which involved camping. It took over a year to make it happen but eventually the perfect opportunity presented itself, and I was mentally prepared for the challenge.

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Rambling About Motherhood at it’s (not so) Finest Rambling About Motherhood at it’s (not so) Finest Evelynn Sablone

When I became a mother, I decided I wasn’t going to lose myself to motherhood… I was planning on being a stay-at-home-mom, so I made a vow: keep active, find like-minded moms, and approach life with loving kindness.

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Say Goodbye to Baby Mitts Say Goodbye to Baby Mitts Annika Mang

The most challenging piece of clothing has been her baby mitts! If, after trying, she couldn’t manage to pull them off she would just stand there and cry because she could not do anything with her hands. I used different kinds of mitts and she either could not move her hands or she was able to pull them off… That is when I said no to baby mittens!

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Embracing Change: Cross Country Beginnings Embracing Change: Cross Country Beginnings Stephanie Harper

We traveled over 2,500 miles across the country, 4 kids and our pup, Gus to our new home in Asheville, NC. That’s right, 6 states in 5 days–California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee.

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Dressing a Baby for Winter Dressing a Baby for Winter Annika Mang

Dressing a baby for winter is not an easy task. Babies are constantly growing and changing. One minute they are happy sitting in a stroller or carrier and the next they are crawling and walking! …The constant growing can be hard to keep up with financially. Without spending a fortune you want to make sure…

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Who to Follow 2017: Instagram Families Who to Follow 2017: Instagram Families Stephanie Harper

Social media can be a powerful to connect with your tribe. Get to know these seven families and prepare to be inspired. 

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Are You Badass Enough to Hang with Me? Are You Badass Enough to Hang with Me? Sabrina Carlson

Do we ALL have those anxieties? Do we ALL worry that we will not be good enough, strong enough, fast enough, badass enough?… There is no pace or special trick required to be in this club. The outdoors welcomes everyone. Whether you can hike 2 miles or run 20 is irrelevant here. You are out there. You are showing up. You are lapping everyone who is on the couch. And you are a stone cold badass.

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