Willow Heights
Big Cottonwood Canyon

Saturday, April 29 at 1:00p.m. MST

This hike is being hosted in collaboration with our friends at Wasatch Little Explorer’s Club. Check out their website to learn more about this amazing organization, review their events calendar for additional details about this hike and others that they offer, and to sign an activity waiver.

Trail Details: 1.5 mile roundtrip hike. It starts out a little steep hill and opens into a meadow with tons of trees and a lake. This opens up in a big meadow and there are tons of trees for hammocks. If you know the Thornley family, you know they love their hammocks!

Directions: There is a marker trailhead 1/8th of a mile east of Silver Fork Lodge in Big Cottonwood Canyon, on the North side of the road.

Sachi and her family were dealt a devastating blow last month when their 4 year old daughter Penny was diagnosed with a brain tumor and cancer. This hike is to help raise funds to support the Thornleys. We will be collecting and mailing out Visa gift cards so that Sachi can afford the organic, highly specific diet that is complementing Penny’s brutal cancer treatment that includes chemo, radiation, and multiple brain surgeries. You can also donate to the family’s GoFundMe page directly.

Read Sachi’s most recently published piece: I Thought we were Planning a Funeral. To get regular updates on Penny’s status, join the FB Group: Little Warrior Penny.

If you’re a Seattle local and interested in supporting Sachi and her family in person, join the FB group: Support for Sachi (and Penny) in Seattle


Featured image captured by Jen Campbell. 


Jan Chamberlin

I’m coming on the hike for Penny tomorrow. Would you text me so I know you got this and you can be looking for me? I’ll be driving a pink Camry.
801 368 2337


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