Happy New Year, Adventure Mamas!

A word about 2016—LET THAT SHIT GO.
And 2017—BRING IT ON.

Did you set your resolution this year? Or are you just hoping to get more sleep, like me? Or file for an extension from last year’s resolutions? Also, like me… hey, it is, what it is and I’m doing my best.

I’ve talked to many women who have said they are heading out on the trails this year! Hell yeah! Tons have asked the same question: What do you take? Well… let me just whip out my handy dandy day pack and… No really, I’m going to go through my basics with you. For starters, here’s my quick list:


  • Marmot Kompressor Plus day pack
  • Hydration Reservoir (at least 2L)
  • Rain Shell
  • Warm layer
  • Beanie and Gloves
  • Fave Snacks
  • Hammock (or 3…)
  • Selfie Stick, obviously vital
  • Sun Protection
  • Headlamp
  • First Aid
  • Knife

Here’s my baby: the Marmot Kompressor Plus day pack. She was my husband’s, but I stole her. Don’t worry, we bought him another one. But now we are twinsies and I’m not really sure how I feel about that.

IMG_20161114_203738The Kompressor is ultralight (13oz empty) which is important to me since I don’t want my bag to be heavy before I put anything in it. In my opinion you want to look for a pack between 15L and 30L, the Kompressor here is 20L so right in the middle. But it really depends on your preference. She has enough pockets to tuck away the essentials and the color is crazy vibrant! It also has a reservoir to hold your hydration bladder (aka your water). But if your pack doesn’t come with a bladder, no worries—just bring a couple of water bottles.

Check the weather before you leave and like a Boy Scout, be prepared! Weather can change quickly in the wilderness. I am in Utah, where you sometimes get all four seasons in a day… so a jacket is important. In the summer, I carry my rain shell and a long sleeve shirt. Fall through Spring, I also haul along a puffy (a jacket insulated with a synthetic or down fill). Layers are your friend!  I have a few puffys to choose from but my tried and true favorite is my Patagonia Woman’s Down Sweater Jacket- in black, like my soul.  It’s crazy warm, has a flattering cut, and tucks into itself. Also, in cool weather remember to pack a beanie and gloves (and perhaps hand warmers if you tend to run cold).

Pack all the snacks: salty, sweet, fruit, and jerky. If you are traveling with children, food is a fabulous bargaining tool! My littlest will do anything for chocolate and my oldest just needs fuel. You could buy fancy trail mix; or do what we do, and just dump your pantry into a plastic bag and hope there is enough variety for everyone.

20170110_092915Salty snacks can replenish your electrolytes and sugars give you energy. If you are like my husband, cheese is life… even though, in my book that’s an unnecessary extra. Then again, I guess I have my own extras: I always take a hammock or two, or three because we don’t always share well. Usually, I also haul along my selfie stick, even if it makes me feel like an ass. It’s a love hate relationship..

IMG_20160725_220404It’s also a good idea to be prepared for common misadventures. I know this from experience: one time, the hubs and I went on a hike-date. We optimistically thought we could get up the mountain, have dinner, and make our way back down before sunset- no biggie. And of course, the sun was already setting by the time we got to the top; what can I say, the hike was hard and my booty was moving slow on the mud and ice. We hustled to take a quick pic, put on our layers and headlamps, and attempted to haul ass out of there. As soon as we turned around, the last sliver of sunlight went behind the mountain top and it became pitch black, way colder, and very slippery on the steep terrain.

20161020_201307Well, we survived. It was a bit sketchy and I’d rather not do that again but thankfully we were prepared. You never know when you will be stuck in a situation like that. You plan and pack hoping that won’t be the case, but the fact is: you never know. So do yourself a favor and toss a headlamp, first aid kit, and knife into your pack.

So there’s all my basics. See, that wasn’t too bad and it doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Once you have the basics down, you should be good… good and safe!

Now fly free mama! If you have any questions about my gear, leave me a comment here or on Instagram and we can chat!

About Sachisachisquare

Mama of two attempting adventure and maybe some personal growth. Kauai native but a Utah local. You can find me on the trails with the family, either bribing the little one or explaining to the bigger one where acceptable places to pee are. Find her on IG: @ThorneeeSachi


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Never a disappointemtn. Where those hi chews you tossed out of your bag? 😅. Love all your gear. I need a new day pack. Mine are either too small, too heavey, or too uncomfortable . Tricky tricky!!


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