Internship ad or social media soapbox rant?

Um, both.

Social media is arguably the greatest change-catalyst of our modern age. If it’s progress you seek, find a way to reach and engage your audience authentically. In our technologically saturated world, that means being a social media boss—seriously, it’s powerful shit.

As our days become busier as we work to become a full-fledged women’s health non-profit, as we start to think about grant writing, insurance, and expeditions, as we grow faster than we could have anticipated, we continue to explore ways to relate authentically and honestly to all of you.

Our solution to the problem of “too big, too busy” is to ask YOU for help. We want to bring in more of YOUR voices:

And so, we’re searching for a COMMUNICATIONS INTERN. Being authentic, sharp, and passionate AF are essential to your success. This will be a rotating 3-month position. Those that are selected to fulfill a stint in this role will have the opportunity to bring their unique style, goals, and expertise to the table during their tenure. You’ll work directly with the founding team to explore ways to be engaged and impactful.

We don’t take our Communications and Outreach efforts lightly. In fact, we believe that this is some of the more powerful and important components of our organization. At its best, social media acts as a platform for real people to connect, engage, and inspire one another. The AMI community was built in a virtual space and has since developed into something real and tangible. We wanted to find our tribe. We wanted to develop relationships. We wanted to network. We wanted to learn. We wanted to grow. We wanted to be inspired. We wanted to inspire. All of this became a reality simply by using social media as a positive catalyst for engagement. The Communications Intern is the keeper of all of this—no big deal, right?

While most agree that social media and communications are important, it’s time consuming and not everyone is committed to manning those hours. We’ve learned that there are various programs you can purchase to automate and optimize your social media platforms.  Here at AMI, we call them robots (and for the record, Adventure Mamas is proudly NOT run by robots.) These robot-programs do the bidding of their operator’s will with the intention of growing an audience as quickly as possible. Often the robots ‘like’ thousands of pictures a day, leave spammy, irrelevant comments on your photos, and follow (and promptly unfollow) countless people in the hopes of rather selfishly accumulating more followers.

Often, the argument is that it frees up time for people to instead focus their energies into more ‘impactful’ work. We get that the bigger you become, the more time consuming it is to keep up and stay engaged. We also understand that different organizations and people have different core values than us and that is totally okay. Perhaps just don’t guise your robots beneath some buzzy tagline about empowerment and community…that’s just too much of a contradiction.

At Adventure Mamas though, we really do aim to build community and empower women, and in our opinion it’s hard to do that without committing time to interacting and engaging with you all. We have had over 10,000 unique photos uploaded using #AdventureMamas in the past year. All 10,000 of those photos were personally viewed and liked by a real walking, talking, breathing human and every comment was left by a real walking, talking, breathing human. We WANT to see your photos and adventures, we want to have on-going dialogue, we want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us. We don’t care about follower to following ratios, we think follow/unfollow culture is ultra-lame, and we adhere to a strict no robot policy, fuck robots.

Our mentality when it comes to growing an audience? PEOPLE MATTER. People are all that matter. It’s not about numbers, it’s about relationships. We are inspired by you. We exist for you and because of you.  Regardless of how busy we become or how big our plans are, we will continue to function on the premise that people matter.

If this philosophy resonates and you’re interested in applying for a 3-Month Communications Intern position, email us: We’ll send you additional details about what we’re looking for, internship perks, and expectations. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to learn more does it? You could be exactly who we are looking for.


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