Next month I turn 29.  I know, I know… you are only as old as you feel. But 29 has marked something else for me: I have been a Mother for 10 years now. When and how in the hell did that happen? I found out I was pregnant on my 19th birthday, so I have been a Mother my entire adult life. 10 years of ups and downs, lessons learned and lessons completely thrown out the window. I used to think I wasn’t built for this, I wasn’t meant to have children. I tried to be the mom I saw next door, that didn’t work. I tried finding myself the way I thought all the other 20-year-olds were, and that definitely didn’t work—I was a Mother and my life was different.

I kept telling myself I was supposed to be a certain way, I was supposed to raise my children a specific way, I was supposed to be perfect! I had so many damn preconceived notions about what I HAD to do or who I HAD to be.

Then, finally, I had clarity. Nothing big and life changing, mind you… but I realized I was done doing what was expected of me. I was done living by this imaginary handbook that I assumed would make me a great Mother, and in turn would make me a great, well-rounded person…a happy person! Because I was none of the above.

I just woke up one morning and said, fuck it. Isn’t that the best kind of clarity?

screenshot_20161206-140033So Hiiii, I’m Sachi! How’s that for an introduction? I am a late 20-something-mama, dragging my family on adventures, doing my own thing, my own way, and probably ruffling a few feathers as I go. My favorite color is black, I like my coffee strong, my wine red, and my boots muddy.

After all my trials and my many errors, I have found a few things to be true. My way is not your way and one size NEVER fits all… especially in Motherhood and well… Leggings.

I have two beautiful children. A sensitive, curious 9-year-old boy and a witty, fearless 4-year-old girl. Maddox is becoming a gear junky and Penny wants to climb all the mountains—Awesome. I can work with that.

image_20161206140946416Recently I had a friend ask me what my core values were, and my jaw hit the floor. Do I have values?! What do I believe in!? Do I believe in anything?! “OMG be a person of substance, Sachi!”  I suddenly felt like a heathen that had no standards to list off. So let me just dumb down what I’ve been doing for the last few years. Dumb down for me… not for you– I bet you got all the gold stars in school.

Okay, so here’s The List

Community and Connection. I’m building my tribe. Over the past few years, I’ve been surrounding myself with the good, and letting go of the bad… I need people who want the best for me and my family and truly support us. And I realize that in turn, we have to be and do that for others.

Adventure. Is that a value? Well whatever, we love to get out into nature. Our family motto is, “We can do hard things, together!” And personally, I think taking young kids hiking and camping can be classified under “hard things.” It’s where we come together to find each other’s strengths and help each other when our weaknesses show. Nature has become a foundation in our family.

Okay, lady, this is the big one. The one that has made all the difference in my life. You listening?

sachi-headerSelf Care. I can only be a good mother and partner when I take care of myself. It is more than self love, which is important, but I need to make time for my goals, my dreams, and, in general, myself. Sounds pretty selfish with all these “my’s” and “me’s.” But, after all these years, I realized a lot of the glue that holds my family together is me. No pressure.

If you get anything from my rambling let it be that I am an onion. Thank you, Shrek. I am an onion. You are an onion. Motherhood has made us all onions.

Yeah, so that’s me in a nutshell. I’m excited to be a part of the Adventure Mamas Team. I’ll be writing here  at the Wild Archives on the reg so definitely check back in for more random musings and stories!

About Sachi:

img_20161026_202420Mama of two attempting adventure and maybe some personal growth. Kauai native but a Utah local. You can find me on the trails with the family, either bribing the little one or explaining to the bigger one where acceptable places to pee are.



Omgosh. I love it all. I always knew you would change the world someday and I think you have already started!!! ???


I think you and I are on simular paths, finally.
Life is way to short to try and be who you aren’t.


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