3/4/2017 UPDATES:
Here are some updates from Sachi. Bottom line, this family continues to need our support more than ever. Please contribute what you can and share Penny’s story within your own community.

“This sucks. He has such a hard time seeing her like this, he breaks down every time she cries. But on the flip side her heart rate rises every time he holds her hand. She’s been asleep/sedated since Tuesday, has few moments where she is awake, but can’t focus on us and can’t talk. This week she has gone through:
X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, ER visit, 4 nights in the ICU, 3 sedated MRIs, 2 brain surgeries and 4 IV’s. And the worst was the Oncology (Cancer) team coming and telling me about her chemotherapy/radiation plan when we haven’t even gotten test results yet. I was holding it together, knowing that it was more than likely she has a form of cancer, but I would think about it and deal with it when I HAD to. But they forced it on me and now I’m a wreck. Fuck them.

So here is the part where I tell you we are doing all we can, but financially… there is no way we could have prepared for this. That list is just growing and growing and it’s not going to stop. We have a GoFundMe page set up and so many amazing people have already donated. But unfortunately it doesn’t even cover our out of pocket expenses. Please share our campaign. You never know who will see it and every little bit makes a difference. Link in bio. I’m sorry I even have to ask.

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We have some pretty hard news to share this evening. AMI’s darling contributor Sachi Thornley and her family need every ounce of love, prayer, good vibes, and healing energy that we can muster: their sweet baby girl, Penny, was very recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. It’s been a whirlwind; the family is staying at the hospital with Penny and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (3/1).

A Go Fund Me page has been established by friends of the family, click here to head that way now or read on to learn about additional ways you can support the Thornleys.

14089109_10153670077556951_5122177768947023342_nThis is a family of warriors: Penny herself, her brother Maddox, Mama Sachi, and Daddy Chad are all tenacious, brave, and strong. We’re going to stand strong beside them, sending them love, courage, and strength.

Even for a family of warriors, this sort of tremendous challenge induces stress and heartache unimaginable to many of us– let’s do what we can to support the Thornleys by:

  • DONATING to the family’s go fund me which will directly help them cover the rapidly accumulating medical costs, click here for more info
  • PROVIDING meal assistance, click here for more info
  • SHARING this story to help it reach a bigger audience
  • OFFERING up sincere and intentional prayer, regardless of religious affiliation or devotion
  • EXPRESSING words of love and encouragement to the family, send Sachi an email directly to Sachi.Honjo@gmail.com
  • TELLING YOUR STORY if you’ve had a similar experience, it can be powerful and comforting to hear from individuals who truly have been there and can wholly relate. Send your story and words of love to Sachi.Honjo@gmail.com to reach Sachi directly.


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