High Elevation Backpacking Trip

Colorado’s Sawatch Range,
Basecamping out of Salida, CO


July 8 – 15, 2017

We’re putting together a small, all-woman team to spend a week in the backcountry tackling 14ers, sleeping in the dirt, waking up early for alpine starts, pushing out miles, sweating, laughing, probably crying, and so much more. But this experience isn’t just about a physical challenge, it’s about engaging in the bigger dialogue regarding women in the outdoors.

On this trip, we invite you to step into the role of thought-leader, visionary, creative, and athlete—even if none of these titles is assumed in your day job.

Often, it seems like we are better at coming up with excuses than we are solutions: “it’s too expensive / too hard / too long”… Listen up though, if you need this experience but it feels out of reach, let’s get some dialogue started ASAP to figure out how we can make this happen. We will gladly do some collective brainstorming until we find the solutions that enable you to have this powerful, transformative experience.

Read more about the upcoming expedition here or get a conversation started now by emailing us at hello@adventuremamas.org.


Redefining Motherhood Campaign

We are celebrating motherhood and the epic women who make up the AMI community ALL-MAY-LONG! Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect:

  • May 1-5: Sticker Giveaway (they’re dope and you definitely want one, get ‘em HERE)
  • May 8: Online fundraiser kicks off; this will enable us to establish as a women’s health non-profit and get initial programming off the ground
  • May 14: Mother’s Day (shenanigans are to be expected, stay tuned)
  • June 8: Fundraiser successfully concludes

All month long we’ll be sharing inspiring stories, providing details about AMI, and setting the foundation for our newly established organization. Get psyched!

Non-profit Organization Updates

While we’ll be spending a lot of time talking about the ins-and-outs of our organization next month, we wanted to provide you with a closer look at the inner workings of AMI the “Women’s Health NPO”… not just AMI the “Social Media Platform.”

Our organization is built off the premise that there is immense healing, growth, and transformation that takes place when we pursue challenge and adventure. We believe that spending time in wild places is more than a selfish luxury, it should be available to all. That is why we offer programs and resources to diverse women from diverse backgrounds, situations, and cultures including teen moms, mamas of children who have a disability, refugees and immigrants, survivors of domestic abuse, and more.

We strive to accomplish 3 major goals:

  • build community via our collabs;
  • facilitate adventure through our expeditions, workshops, and clinics;
  • and provide educational + inspirational resources using our blog and social media platforms.

NPO Status
We are stoked to say that we have officially filed for NPO status with the IRS, yay! We anticipate final confirmation in 3-6 months (which will be retro-active since November 2016 when we first registered AMI).


Our Team

Founding Members:
Stephanie Feller and Justine Nobbe

Board of Directors:
Stephanie Feller, Justine Nobbe, Anna Allen, Sabrina Carlson, and Sarah Gorka

Heidi Gilbert, Rachel Sapp, RyAnn Peverley, Jackie Trejo, and Annika Mang

Communications Coordinator:
Shon’t Savage

Expedition Prep Team:
Stephanie Feller, Justine Nobbe, Brittany Aäe

Sponsors, Partners, & Collaborators

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