With a name like Fry Sauce Hats, you know they have to be up to something fun. Adventure Mama Extraordinaire Cindi Opdycke and her husband founded the Bountiful-based company this year and we love the rad, original, and epically quirky stuff they’re producing!

We had the chance to catch up with Cindi to learn more about Fry Sauce Hats.

Tell us more about how Fry Sauce Hats came to be.
My husband and I both love trucker hats- but rarely could we find exactly what we were looking for. It came to us one day on vacation while souvenir shopping. Why not create our own brand of hats? We LOVE Utah. We love the outdoors and activities and adventures and the mountains. So why not put words on hats that could be totally unique to your interests? And we thought – what is one of the most unique things Utah has? Fry Sauce! So that is how frysaucehats.com was born.

For all you non-Utahns unfamiliar with the fry sauce obsession, you can read more here.

What is the vision moving forward? What do you hope to accomplish and how?
We want to create a hat that is bold and stands out. When people see it, they look twice and ask where it came from. We hope to continue creating hats for all lifestyles and passions. Plus kids hats are coming soon too!

What makes you different from other, similar companies?
Other companies may not let you have a voice or a choice on what is on their hats. We truly want to hear from our customers so we can create what it is that YOU want. We are just a husband and wife team in little ole Bountiful, Utah. We hand press each hat, with love.

frysaucehats-1491366373544 (1)Which hat that you’ve created is your personal favorite?
This is a tough question. I love them all! Currently, my favorite is our WILD hat. This came to me while sitting at the ASDT Film Festival in Ogden. We watched “Raising a Wild Child” and I was totally inspired!

I am also currently working on some spring/summer hats and I think I’ll have a few new favorites soon 🙂

How can people learn more, start a conversation, or ask questions?
Visit our website at frysaucehats.com, follow us on Instagram, or check us out on Facebook. You can also email us at frysaucehats@gmail.com; I answer each email and question personally- so please reach out!

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