UPDATE: The campaign is LIVE! Please donate or share if you’re able—we appreciate it all!

These past 18 months have been a wild ride…wild AF. What started off as a way for two new mamas to connect with like-minded women, has turned into something so much bigger. And that has very little to do with us and everything to do with YOU. When we decided to build up a badass mama crew, we had no idea it was going to spread so fast.

We didn’t realize that lying dormant within mother’s across the world was a resounding need to be validated as athletes, adventurers, and independent women. We didn’t realize that there were thousands of mothers out there quietly craving permission to explore, take risks, and follow their passions, both with and without their children.

We didn’t realize how prevalent post-partum struggles were within the outdoor community; how scared women were of losing themselves and their adventurous ambitions; how hurt women became when they were no longer expected to crush, shred, send, mash, grind, sweat, bleed, cry, laugh, or grow in the mountains that had once been the single-most important part of their life and identity.

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When we launched last January, women from across the world began stepping up to say “Count-Me-In-Sistas!” And that’s what we are today, a global sisterhood, a community of women united through the common threads of motherhood and adventure. A group of women who are pushing back at both the internal and external barriers that keep mothers from pursuing challenge in the great outdoors. Adventure is a powerful tool for growth, healing, and peace, people from all walks and stages of life should feel welcome.

Our funky little mom-group exploded because there is such a clear need for this in today’s world. We think it’s time for the greater outdoor community to get on board too.

Tomorrow, this badass mamas group is launching our biggest project to date: a fundraising campaign so that we can take this shit to the next level. We want to extend our ability to impact more women, women from all diverse backgrounds, cultures, and situations. We are working to be an organization that offers programs, clinics, workshops, and communities that:

  • provide proactive support for new and expecting mothers
  • enable teen moms, moms who are survivors of domestic abuse, refugees and immigrants, moms of children with special needs, and more opportunities to utilize adventure as a tool for growth and personal development
  • prioritize diversity and inclusion in the outdoors
  • educate and empower women through workshops
  • and so much more

We’re doing this for you and we can’t do it without you. So, here we are, asking for your help. We’ve never done this before and to be clear, we don’t plan on making it a habit. It’s our goal to create a sustainable organization that can exist by providing programs and services to women already in our community, and women we want to reach out to.


We’re stoked, optimistic, and passionate. We are also anxious, scared, and vulnerable. Yes, it’s as polarizing as it sounds. But no matter what, we feel it’s important to just lay it out on the table and be real with you all.

The two of us have spent countless hours away from our children and husbands and lives to make this happen because it’s something we believe in so entirely. Adventure Mamas Initiative has become so much more than a social media platform—it’s a powerful movement that has so much freakin’ potential. We’ve tapped into something big.

We just need a little bit of help so we can continue to grow.

We’ve met many of you and have gone on to build authentic, meaningful relationships. We have gained more from this experience than we ever thought possible.Tomorrow, the Redefining Motherhood campaign starts and we’re putting out a request, friend-to-friend, mama-to-mama, for support.

We are asking for $30,000 so that we can get this show on the road, for realz. That’s a lot of money and we don’t take it lightly. But we’ve done the math. If we want to cover our start up costs, legal fees, and insurance expenses, as well as start funding the workshops and programs, that’s the number we need.


We have something amazing to offer women around the world. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and built already—it gives us all the feels. But with this funding we can empower so many expecting and post-partum mothers; we can offer scholarships and funding to women who couldn’t otherwise afford to participate; we can push this revolution to the next level.

By starting this movement, we’ve experienced first-hand the beauty and power of community. Tomorrow when we launch the Redefining Motherhood campaign, please consider doing what you can to help out your sistas over at AMI so that we can help out our sistas around the world.

The campaign lasts from May 8 until August 8 and all the details will be available tomorrow. In the meantime, think of if this way: if 300 people give us $100, we’ve made it. If 600 people throw $50 our way: we’ve made it. If 1,200 people throw $25 our way: we’ve made it. The small amounts make such a huge difference.

fundraiser-spending-01Help us spread the word. Shout it from the roof-tops, share it on social media, call your grandma, pass along our story to the local newspaper…whatever you can uniquely do means the world to us.

UPDATE: The campaign is LIVE until June 30!! Please donate or share if you’re able—we appreciate it all! 

Will you step up to help redefine motherhood?

Steph & Justine

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Cristen Jester

You’ve got this, ladies! See you online tomorrow and I look forward to connecting even more as this journey unfolds. Congratulations and all the best!

Justine Nobbe

Cristen, you are so thoughtful. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! XO


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