I’ve begun to feel a sudden urgency to get outside. Maybe it’s because our National Parks literally went rogue on social media, that’s been fun to watch… and slightly horrifying. Or perhaps it’s because here in my home state of Utah, our public lands are under threat and our air quality is appalling. There’s global warming! Overpopulation! Our carbon footprint! Oh my gawd, I can feel my blood pressure rising. This is the shit that keeps me up at night!

I sit here wondering what in the world I could do that would truly make a difference. My recycling bin is not going to save the world exclusively! Damn bin…

We crave that deep breath of cool, clean, fresh air. Being surrounded by trees and cliffs make us feel so tiny, and also a part of something so, so big. The wilderness is where we find our hidden strengths and discover who we are meant to be. If we don’t have these wild places, where do we go to find those answers?

So what do we do?

We protect these places and experiences! Mamas, we are the stewards of the wild; it is our job to  teach our children. It is our job to make the wilderness their home. And it is our job to lead by example.

I feel like a lot of people have no clue where to start. And to be honest, neither do I. But we have to begin somewhere… And so before I go and strap myself to a hoodoo in the middle of winter, I decided to brainstorm 4 easy ways that we, at least me and my family, can work to save the planet. Seriously, join us and add your own ideas as well.

1. Organize a Letter Writing Party

Yep, an old fashioned pen and paper party! I would like to invite everyone over to first discuss the issues and figure out what we would like to accomplish. Then, we can develop a template that can be used and expanded on. I’ll provide pens, paper, stamps, booze, oh and the addresses to our dear officials. I will mail them all off on the same day in hopes that a sassy mail carrier dramatically dumps an entire bag of mail on their desk. But really, getting that many like-minded, badass outdoor enthusiasts will have to help breed some sort of change.

2. Attend a Clean-Up Hike

This can be done on a small scale with your own family. Get a group of friends together and have an Adventure Mamas clean up day. Or maybe put yourself out there and talk to your city officials. If we want to clean up our world, we need to start with our own communities! If your city officials know that their neighbors are passionate about the environment, they will be too. Well, hopefully… fingers crossed.

3. Support Mission Based Meet Ups

There are so many things happening in my community that I had no clue about! Right now it’s hard to juggle what is going on nationally and remember what is going on locally. Utah peeps, did you know Bonanza Flats is for sale?! It’s 1,350 acres of high alpine forest tucked between 3 ski areas (Deer Valley, Park City, and Brighton). I had no idea. But when our friends at Wasatch Little Explorers Club found this out, they personally wanted to do something about it. They are hosting a hike at Bonanza Flats to raise awareness of the threats and hopefully help make a dent in the 2 million dollar asking price for that beautiful land. This is real action that local individuals are taking and it does make a difference. Consider organizing a hike or meetup for a cause that you feel passionate about!

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Ashley and Amanda’s rad WLEC hike. And if you’d like to contribute to saving Bonanza Flats, check out SaveOurCanyons.Org

4. Take the Kids Outside

The easiest one of them all. Give the kids a love for the wild. We are raising the next generation and they will make a difference! Hikes, picnics, camping, fishing, climbing, ANYTHING. Make the outdoors their home, make them aware of the issues going on around us. Teach them to take care of the trails and campsite. Teach them the WHYS behind all our actions, like recycling, turning the lights off, putting on layers not turning up the thermostat. Yes, they are the next generation, but let’s make it a little easier for them.

Anyone can do any of these things so pick one and do it! Get your friends and family together and BE THE CHANGE!

You can’t make it through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. -Jane Goodall

Want more info?

Here is a quick sampling (let’s be honest, this list could get CRAZY long!) of some awesome resources that can empower you to get outside, develop a relationship with nature, and save the planet:
Wilderness Volunteers
Access Fund
Hike it Baby
Outdoor Women’s Alliance
Born Wild Project
Altitude 7
Wasatch Little Explorers Club
Outside Family Magazine
365 Hike Challenge
Born to be Adventurous Green Up Project
52 Hike Challenge

And so many more!

About Sachisachisquare

Mama of two attempting adventure and maybe some personal growth. Kauai native but a Utah local. You can find me on the trails with the family, either bribing the little one or explaining to the bigger one where acceptable places to pee are. Find her on IG: @ThorneeeSachi

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