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Adventure Mamas Initiative is working hard to empower women to live a balanced, adventurous, authentic life. Here’s a look at how we do that:

WE Make Adventure Accessible to Diverse Women

We believe that when we pursue our passions and prioritize self-care, we are better able to fulfill all of our roles. For mothers though, this statement is both especially true and especially challenging. AMI is using adventure to combat the anxiety, guilt, and shame that occurs all-too frequently for mothers. We are building programs and resources that are relevant and aimed at women from diverse backgrounds, situations, and cultures.

We Facilitate Epics and Adventures.

Coming in 2018, we will be hosting both single-day adventure workshops as well as longer expedition-style adventures. Plus, an incredible Outdoor Mamas Summit is in the works. Get stoked ladies! These events are going to be tailored to your unique needs– adventures for mamas by mamas.

We currently have a full team for our Summer 2017 Expedition, but if you’d like early information about future trips or want to get on a wait-list, email us-

We Build Real-Rad-Uplifting Communities.

We believe in exploring ways to connect with women in meaningful, authentic ways. The hope is to reignite a village mentality, foster friendship and camaraderie, encourage collaboration not competition, and create a place where women support and uplift one another.

Our online Collabs are a great platform to get to know other local mamas as well as share beta, stoke, and inspiration. No one is “in charge” within these groups but rather, we’re encouraging women to step up in their communities and become real-life leaders. You don’t need an official title to bring people together, you just need passion. The women in these groups are meeting up to climb, bike, ski, SUP, hike, and more.

To join an Adventure Mamas Regional Collab or to learn ways to start making a difference in your community, check out our Collab page.

We Inspire, Educate, and Activate.

By providing resources through our website and social media, we strive to empower moms to get outside– both with their families and also with other local women. The material we produce and feature is meant to ignite a spark for adventure while also demonstrating that an epic, active lifestyle is totally within your grasp, regardless of where you’re at in life. We want to provide practical information to break down the barriers to entry into the outdoor community. We want to help you get rid of the unnecessary mommy-guilt, societal pressures, and fear and instead replace them with stoke, opportunity, community, and resources to get you outside and living an intentional, adventurous life.

Check out our blog, Wild Archives, for articles that aim to inspire, educate, and activate. Also, we are proud to be collaborating with a group of tenacious and inspiring writers who are living the AM lifestyle and regularly producing and sharing material relevant to our mission. Find them here.

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