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here’s the deal.

Our expeditions will be eclectic experiences that encompass both intensive backcountry sufferfest and luxurious retreat—yep, you can expect a whole gamut of all things good. These trips will range in activity and length, but will always be an opportunity for women to experience growth, challenge, community and self-care.

For 2017, we are hosting a summer and a fall expedition. And starting in 2018, there will be an expedition scheduled quarterly.

Am I the right fit?

We’re looking for women who are passionate about pushing back at the boundaries, constraints, and expectations that keep so many women from pursuing backcountry adventures. We want to explore why mothers neglect self-care, why they so often lose sight of the activities they once loved, why they aim to raise independent, passionate, challenge-driven children without honoring those values themselves.

Do you have a passion for social change and evolution? Do you feel invested in redefining motherhood? We need women who aren’t scared to ask the hard questions, think outside the box, and stand up for what they believe in. We’re looking for women who want their voice heard within the greater outdoor community.

On our expeditions, we ask you to step into the role of thought-leader, visionary, creative, and athlete. It doesn’t matter if these titles aren’t assumed in your day job; consider it an invitation to rise to the challenge.

How many spaces are available?

Our expeditions will range in size depending on the trip, but will usually be between 6 and 20 women per expedition.

What’s included:

Every expedition will be different, however, each will have these major components:

  • Access to the Digital Expedition Team, a platform you will use to get to know your teammates, set personal training goals, gain accountability, and more
  • One-on-one remote coaching sessions with the AMI expedition prep team
  • A series of live webinars tailored to the expedition with renowned mountain athlete coach Brittany Aae of Magnetic North Coaching
  • Guides and adventure facilitation
  • Travel to and from the airport (flights not included in expedition cost)
  • Backcountry permits
  • Food for the entirety of the trip
  • Personal gear to use (if you need/want it)
  • All camping and sleeping accommodations plus retreat-style accommodations to end your trip
  • Self-care and empowered motherhood workshops

All you’ve gotta do is show up (ready to kick ass) and we’ll take care of the rest!

You’re also helping us do good in the world.

By participating in our expeditions, you’re also helping provide similar experiences for others. The funding we raise from these trips helps us facilitate clinics and workshops for under-resourced mamas coming from all sorts of diverse situations ranging from survivors of domestic abuse to mothers who have a child with a disability.

How much does it cost?

Naturally, the cost per expedition will vary depending on numerous factors including location, activities, and length. You can expect the cost to range between $800 – $2000 based on the specific trip with customizable payment plans available if needed.

With the AMI expeditions, you don’t just buy a ticket and meet us there. It’s a highly collaborative process from start to finish. Anticipate collective brainstorming as we work to create an experience that works for your own unique situation.

We know, it’s committing

Yes, these trips are long. Yes, you’ll probably have to take off work. Yes, leaving your family can be hard.

But, no, we’re not sorry about any of that.

Here’s the thing, being a mom became a full-time gig from the moment that perfect little baby was placed into your arms. Motherhood is a huge and lasting commitment. You deserve an opportunity to pursue your passions; to do something that makes you proud…hell, to do something that makes your family proud. You deserve to have challenge and excitement and adventure in your life. You deserve to make investments in your own growth. Not only do you deserve all of these things, your family does, too. They deserve the best of you. So no—we’re not sorry about asking you to take off work, to leave your family, or to pay for something this epic. It’s a powerful opportunity.

Ready to commit?

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