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Traveling Journal

Our most recent project is the AMI Traveling Journal. The concept is simple: we have a series of notebooks that are being circulated within the Adventure Mamas community. They are being filled with stories, musings, poems, sketches, photos, and more. After a woman has prepared her “entry” she passes it off to another woman: sometimes anonymously, sometimes to a friend, sometimes directly to a stranger.  Once the journals are filled, they are mailed back to us where we will ultimately share bits of them here on our website. Sharing yourself often requires a level of vulnerability that feels both intimidating and rewarding but that’s why this project gives us all the feels. #AMITravelingJournal

Community Collective

By design, Adventure Mamas is a collective affair; we believe in collaboration, not competition. When we support, encourage, and uplift one another, we can all better achieve our unique missions. We are currently working with some amazing writers and influencers to develop a new project, the Community Collective. Through the Community Collective, you’ll have easy access to their stories, pro-tips, inspiration, and more.

Project #AdventureMamaProblems:

We’re currently compiling a hilarious and candid photo album chock-full of the everyday issues real life adventure mamas face. From goose-down explosions to breast-feeding emergencies and everything in between, these photos have been cracking us up, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love them as well.

To The Mama Who…

This is a powerful blog series written by mamas, for mamas. We asked the women who were featured to begin their stories with the phrase, “to the mama who…” and in doing so, clearly identifying who they thought most needed to hear their words.The hope is to  create a more authentic connection between author and reader and help the stories land exactly where they need to.

This series has included:
To the Mama Who Fought Back Post-Partum
To the Mama Who Wants to Regain Control
To the Mama Who Lived Through a Personal Trauma

Click here to read more.

Authentic Mama Portrait Project

This past fall, we hosted our first portrait project in an effort to help mamas acknowledge and prioritize themselves and their own needs. We asked that they do this by taking a simple and thoughtful self-portrait while out on a personal adventure. We received so many candid, beautiful submissions and were absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. Check out the photo album to see some of the shots that were submitted.

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